TYPO3 Customising or overriding fluid_styled_content template

While using css_styled_content, we were changing/editing the html output using Typoscripts like stdWraps etc.

But while using the latest fluid_styled_content, we have the advantage of editing the fluid templates, which is more flexible and easy.

First step is to copy fluid templates to our custom folders from system extension path 'EXT:fluid_styled_content/Resources/''. to for example in our case 'fileadmin/templates/ext/fluidcontent/'.

So the typoscripit to assign new template path is

   templateRootPaths {
        200 = fileadmin/templates/ext/fluidcontent/Templates/

partialRootPaths {

         200 = fileadmin/templates/ext/fluidcontent/Partials/
   layoutRootPaths {
        200 = fileadmin/templates/ext/fluidcontent/Layouts/

Now we can edit any of the template file according to our requirement. After clearing typo3 cache, we can see the changes in the front-end.