Who we are

We are young, dynamic, ambitious, and very well prepared. Satvam Softwares (formerly known as Kalpavruksha Technologies) is a Private Limited Company founded in the year 2015 with the intention to explore the world of WEB. The Company started with only 2 people, but the efforts that we put on and the trust we gained over the years helped us to grow with number of employees.

With an innovative and creative approach, we smoothen the workflow to accelerate the growth of the organization by utilizing minimal resources. From every challenging project, at times even from mistakes, we have come to learn valuable lessons. We are not just another web services agency, but the Perfect Partner of your Web Platform.

Satvam Softwares Management


The company is led by the two young directors "Ganapati Bhat" and "Ajit Sampagod" in association with the young, enthusiastic and well expertise team members.

Management carefully observes the work progress, quality and deadlines and coordinates accordingly with the working team to make sure a quality work delivered within the given Deadline. 

Satvam Softwares Team


Our team has the dedicated, skilled and enthusiastic developers with 10 years of expertise in website development by using TYPO3 and also has the expertise Wordpress and Drupal developers to build, develop and maintain the websites/applications.

Our team has poured their creative energy into this company over the years for the betterment of quality of  work that we provide. The team is always open to learn the new technologies and adapt the change, which helped us to stay strong and stable for all these years. 

Satvam Softwares Client Relation

Client relation

We assure our client that, it's a joy for them to work with the very good team. We always value the client's time and requirements and do our best to make sure the Timely Delivery of the projects. 

We do honor the non-disclosure and Privacy Policies of our clients. We assure that Satvam Softwares is the best web development company to develop your website with faster speed and very good quality.

Kalpavruksha Technologies Mission

Our mission

To inspire and explore the world of web with dynamic, fluid and responsive websites and web applications by using the strong and stable CMS or Frameworks depending on their requirements.

The main Vision of Satvam Softwares is to provide the complete web solution to our clients with quality work at a reasonable price within the minimum possible time frame.

Satvam Softwares, Requirement Analysis and Integration Procedures

Analysis & implementation

We realize each project/application is diverse in nature. This understanding helps us to systematically analyse, plan and implement the project in a very good way. 

At first we analyse the current requirement of the project and set mutual agreement with goals and timeline of the project with our clients. This helps us to decide which CMS/Framework we need to proceed with the projects.

We formulate the initiation of finalized strategies and solutions to be implemented ensuring there is nil or minimal disruption to current operation.

Satvam Softwares Testing Mechanism

Quality testing

Quality Testing is an important activity to check whether the actual results match the expected results and to ensure that the website/application is Defect free. We conduct project testing at multiple levels with developers, testing team and with end user to ensure the quality product outcome.

As we build responsive webpages/applications, we conduct the testing with multiple devices like Desktops, Laptops, Tablet and Smart phones, as well for different browsers and operating systems.

Satvam Softwares Support And Maintenance Policy

Support & maintenance

Implementation of the project/application is one part, but the support and maintenance plays the major role for any project/application without which, the advancement of the project is literally minimal.

We ensure the long term support and maintenance of projects/applications to monitor the smooth flow of the products.
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Kalpavruksha Technologies Work Nature

Work nature

We do believe in strength of team work and put our 100% efficiency to develop the website according to the needs of the clients. Our team understands the clients requirements very well and makes sure a very good service to our clients.

We follow the "5 days a week" work culture starting from Monday to Friday. The official work timing of the company is from morning 10AM to evening 07PM.

Satvam Softwares, Team Availability

Something urgent?

Never ever worry about your urgent tasks or fixes, we are always here to handle your requirements even in non-working days and also after the official office timings in a day. 

You can always reach us better and faster through our Emails and as well as Skype contacts or over a phone call. Contact Us.

Satvam Softwares Team Support

Instant support!

A quick support for some problems are very very important, and we know the value of it. We always prioritize the work on its importance, but we handle every small job with the priority.

We offer instant support even at non working hours/days depending on its emergency and make sure the smooth working of your website/application.