What we do

UI Designs for Websites, Mobile Apps and Landing Pages by using advanced design mechanism. We consider doing platform independent UI Designs, thus by making sure it works on most of the platforms and devices.

Web/Application Development is the Major part where our expertise resides, by considering the requirements/ client requests we develop webpages/applications by using suitable CMS's like TYPO3, WordPress or Drupal or the Frameworks like Symfony, Yii, CodeIgniter, Laravel..

Website Integration, Typo3, Wordpress, Drupal

Web development

Want to build Website, Blog or Online shop? We develop highly customized websites, blogs or online shops for your needs. We use most widely used and popular CMS's like TYPO3, WordPress and Drupal for development of webpages or blogs and e-commerce solutions like Symfony, Laravel, PrestaShop, Shopware, WooCommerce and others for development of online shops and applications.

With an extensive knowledge in website integration and development, we assure you to have your dream website with very good technology at reliable minimum cost. Check more about the CMS's below. 

Typo3 CMS

Powered by an enterprise open-source CMS, and backed by a vibrant professional community and a commercial ecosystem - TYPO3 is the best choice for your web needs. We have a very good team who can build dynamic and customizable websites using TYPO3.

More about TYPO3

WordPress CMS

With a market share of almost 60%, WordPress is the most widely used CMS on the web. With powerful features, and the freedom to build anything you want WordPress offers you efficient and highly customizable websites. With extensive knowledge about WordPress, we can build anything you want with wordpress.

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Drupal is an open-source CMS for ambitious digital experiences that reach your expectations across multiple channels. Leverage an API-first architecture, robust configuration management, and unparalleled extensibility to build the web of the future, Drupal could be your best choice. Looking for website with Drupal, we are your best choice.

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Laravel is a web application framework built on PHP. We have built many applications for industries, like monitoring systems, dashboard, ticketing system, property management systems etc, by using Laravel and we continue to choose the same.

More about Laravel

Template Integration

Template integration

Integration method of templates differs with each CMS using which the website is built. We do these integrations with the CMS standards, there by we make sure that, there would not be any front end design issues when your website is upgraded to the newer versions. There are many readily available templates in the markets which we can integrate in to our websites, we also develop templates of your own design which will be later integrated to your websites. 

If you want to use readily available templates in to your websites and want to make some modifications, we can get it done for you, and as said earlier - the standards will always be maintained.  

Extension/Plugin Development

Extension/Plugin development

Most websites needs its unique feature and functionality. Extensions and plugins will help you to achieve these needs. With vast knowledge in TYPO3, WordPress and Drupal, we can build the extensions/plugins with advanced technologies that will match your requirements. 

If you have any issues with your existing extensions/plugins(Latest/Oldest), we can help you in rectifying the issues thus by making sure the smooth functionality of your website.

Upgrade and Update

Upgrade and update

As time goes on, there will be newer versions of each CMS with latest and advanced features. With upgrade  in hosting or other reasons, you may want to upgrade your websites. We will do these in a better way making sure all the functions are working as in primary/live site. While doing upgrade/security updates we make sure, the live/running site will not be affected.

Website Migrations

Website migrations

Want to migrate your website from one CMS to other CMS(ex: WordPress to Typo3 ) or from a static site to CMS, We are the best you could find. Contact us for further details.

PSD to HTML Conversion

PSD to HTML conversion

We convert your designs to high quality HTML5 + CSS3 / XHTML + CSS coded along with JavaScript, that will be compatible with all browsers and devices (Responsive). We do all the JavaScript animations / functions according to your requirement.

Web and Mobile Applications

Web and Mobile applications

Mobile application development is also a part of our interest and we build or support all kinds of mobile application, may it be a native application for iOS and Android or a Hybrid  applications.

We also develop Web Applications based on Frameworks and API's for any of your website or online shop needs.  

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the most important part for your site to be listed with priority when something is searched related to your webpages. This needs a lot of work and we provide the best SEO services for your webpages. The good knowledge of SEO Best Practices helps us in providing the higher rankings for your websites.

Domain Register, Hosting

Domain registration, hosting

We help you in finding your best matched and required domains and registering it. Have confusions with hostings? or do not have any idea in it, no worries, We are here to help you out in every aspect of you domain and hosting and we do take care of it's renewals and maintenance.

Long Term Support

Long term support

Being web service company, we know the value of good and long support to our clients for their websites/applications and online shops. 

At Satvam Softwares, we assure a stable and long term support for the webpages that we developed, as well we also give the support for all your webpages, even they are not developed by us. A good team support is very important for timely upgrades and functional/design changes of your websites, and we have a very good team who can support or assist you all the time.