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  • 2015

    kalpavruksha technologies private limited
    The Foundation of Kalpavruksha Technologies

    The beginning of Kalpavruksha Technologies was laid by two men: Ganapati Bhat and Ajit Sampagod. Back in 2015, two passionate young pupils, whose major is Information Technology, had discussed with each other about starting a company to deliver technological & digital services in an old rented apartment.

  • 2022

    Satvam Softwares Private Limited
    Renamed as Satvam Softwares

    After seven years of success, Kalpavruksha Technologies transformed into Satvam Softwares. This change signifies our commitment to evolution and innovation in the tech industry. The new name, "Satvam," reflects our dedication to purity and excellence in delivering cutting-edge digital solutions. Under the refreshed identity, we continue to build on the solid foundation laid since our inception in 2015, ensuring continued excellence in web development and technology services.

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